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Student Rewards members earn T-Credits by supporting the Big Orange at designated athletic events. Members build-up T-Credits for exclusive O-R-A-N-G-E rewards, available for pick-up at designated rewards events! (Click Here to view the event schedule).

Members will receive a reward for each level that they reach. The good news is, T-Credits build all year long! Members do not have to cash in T-Credits when they reach each reward level.

Also, members with the highest total number of T-Credits by the end of the academic year will earn additional rewards. So keep swiping your UT student ID at designated athletic events all year!

How To Earn T-Credits

For football, men's basketball, and women's basketball, swiping your UT student ID at the student gate for entry will credit you with the full amount of T-Credits for that event.* For all other sports, members must swipe their UT student ID at the Student Rewards table (located near the entrance).

*Please note that only Student Rewards members will earn T-Credits when swiping their UT student ID at football and basketball games. You must sign-up for the program to start earning T-Credits.

Below are the number of points you can earn for each event:

  • +1 T-Credit: Football, Men's Basketball
  • +2 T-Credits: Volleyball, Baseball, Women's Basketball
  • +3 T-Credits: Soccer, Tennis, Swimming & Diving, Softball, Track & Field, Rowing
  • +5 T-Credits: Cross Country, Golf

*T-Credits are not given out at every athletic event. Check the Events tab for a complete list of designated Student Rewards events.

Bonus T-Credits Opportunities

Orange Out (+1 T-Credit)
Don't forget to wear your ORANGE! At randomly designated athletic events, we will be rewarding everyone who wears a Tennessee Orange shirt +1 bonus T-Credit. You never know which event will have the Orange Out Bonus, so come to every event showing your Tennessee Pride wearing Tennessee Orange!

Refer-a-Friend (+1 T-Credit, Maximum: +5 T-Credits):
Start earning T-Credits BEFORE the big games! Tell your friends about the Student Rewards program and earn +1 bonus T-Credit for each friend. (Maximum of 5 referrals). ALL referral bonus T-Credits will be added to the database after September 30th.
*Promotion ends: September 30th, 2016. In order to earn T-Credits, the new Student Rewards member must enter your name in the "Referred By" section on the Sign-Up page

Bring-a-Buddy (+1 T-Credit, Maximum: +4 T-Credits/Month):
Bring a friend to an event and get rewarded! Your buddy must have a valid UT student ID and cannot be currently enrolled in the Student Rewards Program. (Maximum of 1 buddy per event. Additionally, the buddy can only be claimed by one individual per event).

Pack-the-Place (+1 T-Credit):
Bring friends, invite family, get the word out, because when the Big Orange brings Big Orange crowds, you win! For each rewards event you attend that breaks a Student Rewards Program attendance record, you will receive +1 bonus T-Credit!

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MY ALL Games:
Give your all and help make Tennessee history. For select sports, one game per season will be designated as the "MY ALL" game and we will try to break the student attendance record. If the record is broken, every Student Rewards member in attendance will be rewarded with double the T-Credits.

Pick-up Pic*
Post a picture on Instagram or Twitter of the reward you earned at a Rewards Pick-up event and receive one bonus T-Credit. You can receive credit for one picture per reward level, and must post your pic on the day of the Pick-up event. Make sure you tag @studenTrewards and use the hashtag #SRPickupPic to receive credit!
*For all social media related bonus T-Credits, please wait one week to see updated T-Credits. For any social media accounts, you must follow @studenTrewards and have a public account.

*Please Note: T-Credits, rewards, events, and bonus credits are subject to change. All rewards and sizes are subject to availability.

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